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A 1oz. Jar of TMR Intensive Response Eye Serum A 50ml Jar of TMR Eye Gel Gold A 1oz. Jar of TMR Neck Cream

Powerful antioxidant Oat Beta Glucan penetrates through the inter cellular lipid matrix enhancing skin immunology. Working synergistically with peptides to restructure skin tissues by boosting collagen, elastin ,hyaluronic acid and glucosaminoglycan production to reduce fine lines and wrinkles around the sensitive eye area. The highly enriched, semi-gel consistency penetrates quickly and gently leaving smoother, brighter, wrinkle free rejuvenated eyes.

Scientifically formulated Tmr’s Eye Gel Gold is set to restore our eyes youthful look and combat severe fine lines around the eyes. Natural plant extract Symphytum Officinale stimulates cell growth to boost collagen and elastin synthesis, visibly reducing the severity of dark circles and puffiness while powerful antioxidants penetrate to remove dead skin cells. This elixir of youth Tones and tightens our 360 orbital rim, lifting and firming around the eyes. Highly oxygenated aloe juice quenches dehydrated skin cells and improves skin strength and elasticity around delicate eye area, accelerating a smooth base and radiant luminous eyes.

A Highly Specialized, premium cream formulated to target the elasticity of the neck and combat its specific problems that occur over time. Exclusive to TMR, is our YE-X egg yolk formula. YE-X is a rich source of three key peptides and a highly efficient transdermal carrier, ensuring effective delivery of broad spectrum Omega (3,6,9) and key bio-nutrients that expedite and boost your skins natural healing cycle. By safely penetrating the skin, these nutrients are now able to fill deep wrinkles and grooves, brighten, restore elasticity, and reduce sagging making skin youthful and vibrant. The combination of effective absorption and excellent adhesion, promote opportunity for application in both the morning and the evening.