Today’s skincare market is widely influenced by the easily accessible information on ingredients that work well for skin care. Any person with access to the internet can, in seconds, look up an ingredient name and get some reasonable explanation of how that ingredient works and why it is or isn't beneficial for your skin. Words like “lifting, firming, wrinkle reduction, defense, tightening, and brightening” are tied to studies showing % claims and clinical trials. Then those key words and percentages are transferred to a package containing a cream utilizing those ingredients and end up in an individual’s home where they show far less than the claimed impact or documented evidence of a laboratory experiment.

In the lab it is very easy to see and quantify the impact and effect of an ingredient when applied to a cell or a subject in a controlled setting or within a specifically ideal environment on the ideal candidate… However, delivering those ingredients, with the same impact and efficacy, is much more complicated and presents many more challenges in the real world maze of an individual’s skin matrix. There are so many obstacles to overcome in the form of environment, genetic makeup, diet, exercise, current health condition, hydration, stress levels, smoke or alcohol intake, frequency or consistency of use, accompanying products/regimen, and time of application. So knowing which ingredients to use to affect or impact a current condition or facial concern is not a secret. However, knowing how to properly and efficiently deliver those ingredients for great impact and efficacy is!

Furthermore, many of today’s formulas and ingredients are in fact “band aids” for much larger problems that require a need to address the most basic unit of skin, skin cells. Many products are merely masking or reacting to a much larger problem dealing with either quantity of cell production or quality of cell production. By addressing the most basic and fundamental unit you are able to correctly address and impact the stubborn recurring problems connected to the diminished production quantity and quality of your skin cells.

Here at TMR we have spent the last 21 years perfecting YE-X, our exclusive and highly effective delivery system. and formulating products that are specifically geared at targeting the most basic unit, the skin cell, and then delivering these formulas to produce drastic results by maintaining unparalleled efficacy since key ingredients are now properly and efficiently delivered to the deepest layer of the skin where production starts. is our exclusive vehicle delivering, with great accuracy and efficiency, key bio-nutrients directly to the production source where they are easily assimilated to powerfully impact both cellular metabolism and cellular quality. YE-X is so much like our body’s natural systems that it is readily accepted and employed. It is the closet form of bio-mimic with components that have been proven for centuries by some of the world’s most beautiful cultures.

Most formulas rely on the same emollients as their delivery vehicle able to only penetrate the 1st or 2nd layer of the skin and have minimal binding effect to draw lab tested extracts and peptides into the deepest layers of your skin where they are able to replicate results shown in lab experiments. If products YE-X is not only itself a precisely deliverable package of powerful ingredients, but an extremely efficient binder and carrier, meaning it is able to also act as a vehicle for other powerful ingredients to be precisely and efficiently delivered to the subcutaneous for immediate assimilation.