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Berodin Slanted Tweezers A 500ml bottle of Berodin Jasmine Pre-Depilatory Oil A 500ml Bottle of Berodin Lavender Lotion
A perfect angle for getting those unsightly hairs. Well made, feels good in the hand, easy to hold. Berodin® Jasmine Oil 500ml. Creates a protective barrier, preparing the skin for waxing and easy release. Recommended for use on dry skin prior to waxing. Use to remove residue. Berodin® Lavender Lotion 500ml.
This lightly fragrant, gentle, non stripping liquid antiseptic lotion pre-cleans underarms and bikini areas preparing skin for Jasmine Oil.
Berodin Wax Off 16oz Berodin Post Wax Soothing Cream A 30ml Bottle of Berodin Post Wax Essential Oil
This equipment cleaner is 100% food grade Orange Oil. Naturally cuts through waxes and quickly cleans your equipment.

Instant irritation relief. This cooling cream provides immediate aid for irritated skin. In just three minutes, Canadian willow bark helps reduce redness by 40-60%. Rich in antioxidants, green and white tea help repair and strengthen the skin while cooling aloe and calming arnica help heal and moisturize inflamed areas.

What it does:
• Instantly calms and reduces redness by 40-60%
• Promotes skin healing and repair
• Cools the skin as it moisturizes

Berodin Post Wax Essential Oil 30ml/ 1oz

An essential oil blend for after wax treatments that calm, cools and heals the skin.
Berodin Body Exfoliation Kit
Berodin Body Wash and exfoliating gloves leave your skin refreshed and perfectly clean. Glycolic gently exfoliates and helps prevent bumps and ingrown hairs, making this the perfect daily body wash before and after waxing services. The natural benefits of Pine Essential Oil clean and condition the body while refreshing and energizing the mind. Bladderwrack contains Sea Minerals that nourish and prevent dryness.