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Rosa Graf Cream Pump 8oz. Mineral Mud Mask 150gr Platinum Soothing Mask by Tu’eL™
Rosa Graf Cream Pump

This pump is specifically designed for professional-size containers to help you keep the product clean, safe and easy-to-use.
The Mineral Mud Mask is a soothing mask made from healing mud and kaolin. It can be used in three different ways for salon treatments:
  • For enzymatic exfoliation
  • As a special active ingredient mask
  • As a pure soothing mask.

The positive effects of healing mud have been known for hundreds of years. It has already been in use for a wide variety of both external and internal applications. Of particular interest from a skin care point of view is its excellent soothing and cleansing effect on the skin. The results from the natural mineral content are also stimulating.


As Enzyme exfoliation: Mix approx. 6 g of the Mineral Mud Mask powder with 10 ml of cold distilled water and stir well. Then add:

A. for sensitive skin:0.5 - 1.0 ml Multipulle PEELING

B. for normal skin:1.0 - 1.5 ml Multipulle PEELING

C. for thicker/oily skin:2.0 ml Multipulle PEELING

Stir the mixture well and apply with a brush. Allow to take effect for 10-15 minutes. Keep it well moistened either with steam, or by applying moist and warm compresses (When using compresses, cover the Mineral Mud Mask with paper tissue before applying the compress). Remove with warm water.

As an active ingredient mask: As described above, mix approx. 6 g of mask powder with 10 ml of water, then add 2 ml of Multipulle active ingredient concentrate, selected according to the respective skin type (or the desired mixture of concentrates) and stir well. Apply with a brush and allow to take effect for 10-15 minutes. Durin this time, keep the mask moist with steam or compresses. Remove with lukewarm water.

As a pure soothing mask: As described above, but without the addition of an active ingredient concentrate. As a base, to add soothing qualities to any other mask, mix 3/4 tbsp. of Mineral Mud Mask with 3/4 tbsp. of Lecithin, Phyto, Chloropyll, or Phyto Mask (refer to each mask for description of mask qualities), allow to take effect for 8-10 minutes and remove with warm damp compress.

Soothing Healing Mask:

10 g Mineral Mud Mask in 20 ml water


Never apply the MULTIPULLE Peeling concentrate to the skin in a pure state, only in a mixture with the Mineral Mud Mask.

Platinum Soothing Mask by Tu’eL™