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Rosa Graf Cream Pump 8oz. Peptide Collagen Sheet Stem Cell Collagen Sheet
Rosa Graf Cream Pump

This pump is specifically designed for professional-size containers to help you keep the product clean, safe and easy-to-use.
Freeze-dried bioMATRIX made of pure, insoluble collagen fibres containing. Myoxinol, a plant-derived complex from hibiscus esculentus seeds, DIN A4 size. Suitable for all skin types. Freeze-dried bioMATRIX made of pure, insoluble collagen fibres containing. Freeze-dried, soluble apple stem cells, resveratrol and baicalin, DIN A4 size. Suitable for all skin types.
Rosa Graf Algae Moisture Facial Mask Treatment Rosa Graf Thermo Facial Mask Treatment Rosa Graf Phyto Facial Mask Treatment
Algae Moisture Mask

Alginate mask with added Natural Moisturizing Factors and Meristem Extract.
Algae Moisture Mask is intended for dry skin, especially when resulting from ultra-violet radiation, as well as for the more mature skin.  As a result of the inclusion of Meristem Extract, it is also suitable for seborrheic skin conditions.

Thermo Mask

A cream mask with a base of hydrogel-oil, and water containing the active ingredient niacinmethylester.  Thermo Mask has a revitalizing and warming effect on the skin and improves its capacity to absorb the active ingredients in products applied after it's removal.  This is mainly due to the vasodilation (increased blood flow) immediately caused by the application of this mask.  The mask can be used before any type of face or body treatment, especially in the case of tired and atrophied skin.  (NOT RECOMMENDED FOR ANY SENSITIVE SKIN TYPES)

Phyto Mask

A water based cream mask, ideal for dry and atrophic skin.  It contains phytostimulin, a biological complex of ingredients extracted from wheat germ which consists of enzymes, vitamins and Phyto-hormones, as well as wheat germ oil with its high content of Vitamin E and essential fatty acids.

Rosa Graf Camomile Mask 8.4oz. An 8.4oz. Rosa Graf White Tea Mask Rosa Graf LifeStyle Masque Relaxe 8.4oz.
Camomile Mask

This Chamomile enriched, creamy mask hydrates the skin and helps reduce irritation caused by dry skin. It is particularly suitable for hydrating sensitive or dry skin, as well as to improve the appearance of couperose.

White Tea is a special-effective anti-oxidans. It protects the skin against oxidantive stress ? the main reason for early skin-ageing. White tea is made from the fine, white-cotton buds and spouts of the tea-shrub. It is said to be the most precious tea and has been reserved to the Chinese imperial house. A new discovery is that white tea is an excellent active agent for cosmetic purposes that protects the skin against attacks of free radicals. LifeStyle Masque Relaxe
Facial Mask 250ml /8.4oz

Every once in a while, your skin deserves a holiday - that means total relaxation and intensive care for the skin. This mask has a soothing and a rejuvenating effect on the skin, providing it with a fresher-looking appearance. Suitable for all skin types.