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Universal Wax Can Holder 2 Pack Berodin Wax Off 16oz Satin Smooth Waxing Applicator Tray with Applicators
Allows individual to easily remove wax from wax warmer without spills, making the overall waxing experience cleaner and hassle-free.

  • Includes 2 wax can holders
  • Made to easily move wax from warmer to countertop
  • Lets user clean excess wax off applicator without any mess
  • Fits all 14 to 16 oz. cans of wax
  • Can be used with all standard warmers
This equipment cleaner is 100% food grade Orange Oil. Naturally cuts through waxes and quickly cleans your equipment. The applicator tray is a convenient storage organizer for a supply of assorted wooden applicators. Tray comes packed with 100 large, 100 small and 150 fine line applicators. A generous supply is a reminder of the "no-double dipping" rule that Satin Smooth strictly promotes. Never use the same applicator for more than one application.