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Skin Hydration & Tonality

Marula Oil and Antioxidant

Until recently physicians did not have a scientific way to measure skin aging, wrinkle, and sun damage. For the most part, plastic surgeons and dermatologists relied on subjective evaluations to determine skin changes and quantify skin healing properties. The innovative Visia machine from Canfield Scientific provides the first objective method of measuring skin aging and healing. It uses a combination of varying lights to photograph surface and sub-surface skin changes. It quantitatively measures wrinkles, pigmented spots, texture, UV damage, and skin blood flow. It is also able to compare results with a national data bank to determine the extent of skin damage relative to others of the same age. It is an excellent follow-up tool for the physician to determine how good a recommended skin healing product worked to restore skin.

Marula Oil has a unique blend of omega fatty acids that makes it an ideal moisturizer.  Skin hydration and plumpness can help reduce the appearance of fine lines.