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The Spa 411 offers customized consulting services and unique skin and body care products from around the world.
These products are chosen because of their appeal to both the ingredient
savvy consumer and the most demanding beauty professionals.

21 years of perfecting YE-X, TMR COSMETICS exclusive and highly effective delivery system. Designed to target the most basic unit, the skin cell, and then delivering these formulas to produce drastic results using an exclusive delivery system which is both accurate and efficient. Key bio-nutrients are delivered directly to the production source where they are easily assimilated to powerfully impact both cellular metabolism and cellular quality.
YE-X is used in TMR's luxurious skin care products as well as their high performance hair care product.

October 1st, 1926 was the birth of the German cosmetic line ROSA GRAF.
Over the years Rosa Graf has made innovative advancements in the skin care industry. The scientists at Rosa Graf created "COLLASTIN", the first soluble collagen in skin care products. They were first to put separate liposomes of UV-filters in a sun care product "SUNTIME". Today the line consists of a range of highly active and results oriented treatments for both the professional and consumer.

This newest formulation of BERODIN depilatory products is the original polymer formulation created by
Christian Des Garets. BERODIN products are superior to other wax products on the market. They are warmed at low heat, wax is applied just above skin temperature making it gentle yet effective. The creamy texture makes it less brittle and sticky than traditional waxes. The quality and pricing make this an easy choice for professionals.

My training in the professional beauty industry began as a sales person for a small skin care company. I later worked as the Spa Manager and was trained in every aspect of the Spa industry. I visited the Perron Rigot training facility in Paris France several times for waxing. I learned about hair and scalp treatments during visits to the Lazartique Hair Treatment Center in Paris. My experience in body treatments was through several years of training with Thalac Cosmetiques and their Thalasso Therapy Treatment Centres along the French Riveria. I do not think anyone can ever stop learning and improving upon their skills. However, the training I received over the course of my career and during my travels to Europe have been some of the most important lessons and the basis from which my expertise comes today. I am truly grateful for those experiences which have led me to a very successful career in consulting with salons and spas on every aspect of the beauty business.

I appreciate your continued support in this exciting adventure and look forward, as always, to helping you continue on your path of success. No request is too small, too silly or too inconvenient.

Best wishes for a happy, healthy and prosperous future,

Steven Smirnes
The Spa 411, LLC
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