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A Cosmetic Series Based on Bioflavones - Anti-Aging care for uneven skin tone

Just after 14 days of usage lines, small wrinkles and uneven complexion are visibly reduced. It is not only the actual wrinkles that show the years but uneven complexion and a certain sallow look of the skin. This is exactly where GOLDEN LINE works best. After a treatment of at least 14 days the skin has a smoother appearance and starts to shine from the inside just as we admire it on young skin. Try GOLDEN LINE for yourself.

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Rosa Graf Golden Line Day Cream 1.7oz. Rosa Graf Golden Line Night Cream 1.7oz.

Rosa Graf Golden Line Day 50ml /1.7oz.

A light, day-cream with bioflavonoid – vitamins complex, for mature skin. With daily use of this cream you will feel the increasing smoothness of your skin and notice the new radiance of your complexion.

Rosa Graf Golden Line Night 50ml /1.7oz.

Night cream with bioflavonoid –vitamin complex for mature skin. This cream provides a rejuvenating effect, makes skin appear visibly smoother and younger and the complexion looks more even and radiant.