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To preserve and promote natural beauty is our goal. The Rosa Graf beauty range was developed by cosmetic pioneer Mrs. Rosa Graf in the nineteen twenties. At that time, Rosa Graf was in charge of one of the first cosmetic schools in Germany and manufactured products of her own formulations for the particular requirements of the specialized cosmetician. Heitland & Petre conscientiously follows this tradition. The range of products comprises a wide variety of exclusive cosmetic products for treatments and retail sale in institutes.
This authentic German Skin Care line has been reformulated with the most up to date scientific technology.

The Spa 411 is an authorized representaive of Rosa Graf Cosmetics.

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A 150 Count Victoria Vogue Shine Stopper Blotting Sheets Rosa Graf Cream Pump 8oz. Empty Foam Dispenser

Victoria Vogue 150 ct Shine Stopper Blotting Sheets. 150 shine stop blotting sheets for face and lips.

Rosa Graf Cream Pump

This pump is specifically designed for professional-size containers to help you keep the product clean, safe and easy-to-use.

Empty Foam Dispenser 3.4oz.

Stem Cell Collagen Sheet A 6.8oz Rosa Graf Hydrophyllic Cleansing Oil A 3.39oz. Bottle of Aroma Derm Green Tea Cleansing Milk
Freeze-dried bioMATRIX made of pure, insoluble collagen fibres containing. Freeze-dried, soluble apple stem cells, resveratrol and baicalin, DIN A4 size. Suitable for all skin types. Rosa Graf Cleansing Oil -17 oz

Cleansing Oil for Dry, Mature, Sensitive, Couperose skin. Can also be used as an eye makeup remover.
Aroma Derm Green Tea Cleansing Milk -3.39 oz

Green Tea Cleansing Milk

Mild, thorough and deep-cleansing care removes all fat and water soluble residues, such as dead skin, foundation and creams. Jojoba oil provides the extra moisture. 

Made in Austria by Styx Cosmetics

A 3.39oz. Bottle of Aroma Derm Green Tea Cleansing Tonic A 1oz. bottle of Rosa Graf Multi-Pulle Peeling Treatment Concentrate AmintaMed Camomile Paste for oily impure skin 15ml
Aroma Derm Green Tea Cleansing Tonic -3.39oz. 

Green Tea Cleansing Tonic

Use Green Tea Cleansing Tonic to refresh and vitalise skin prior to treatment.

Made in Austria by Styx Cosmetics

Multi-Pulle Peeling -1 oz.

For performing an enzymatic exfoliation. Designed for use with the Rosa Graf Mineral Mud Mask, do not apply to the skin in a pure state!  Can be mixed with and used with many other powdered clay masks for similar effects.  I have personally had some success when mixing with some cream masks.

The Peeling concentrate is not suitable for the iontophoresis. It is based on a pure vegetable enzyme complex, obtained from fruit such as papayas and lemons. It removes the dead horny cells not yet shed and leads to a finer, fresher cultification.

Mix approx. 0.21 Oz. Mineral Mud Mask with 10 ml distilled water and stir well. Then add: 0.5 - 1.0 ml  (For sensitive skin), 1..0 - 1.5 ml (For normal skin), max. 2.0 ml (For thick/oily skin) Multipulle Peeling.

Stir well, apply with a brush and allow to take effect for 10-15 minutes.  Keep the Mask moistened with steam or compresses.

A thick-texture paste for the treatment of specific skin impurities. Camomile Paste visibly soothes and hydrates the skin while helping to improve the appearance of impure skin rapidly, often overnight.

With Microsilver

EFECTIVE INGREDIENTS: Chamomile Oil and Calendula Extract (soothing/calming), Azulene (soothing), Alpha Bisabolol (soothing), Panthenol (soothing/calming), Peru Balsam ( soothing), Zinc Oxide (dehydrating effect), Microsilver

DIRECTIONS: Apply locally to the skin and leave it to take effect, preferably overnight. Remove the remaining substance in the morning with AMINTAmed Wash and Tonic as part of your usual morning skin-care routine.

TIP: When used during the day, apply and cover with make-up or a cover-stick.


Cleansing Foam for all skin types 17oz. Rosa Graf Multi-Pulle Allergy Concentrate 30 ml Rosa Graf Multi-Pulle Moisture Concentrate 30 ml

Beginning your beauty routine with a great cleanser is imperative for achieving an appearance that’s as radiant as your personality.

Recommend the Rosa Graf Cleansing Foam to your clients. It offers light, deep-pore cleansing that’s moisturizing and soothing. Plus it contains an antioxidant!

Multi-Pulle Allergy - 1 oz.

This ampoule is ideal for hypersensitive skin and skin that is prone to allergies. Great for sunburn treatment. It contains rooibos, glycyrrhentinic acid, panthenol, and green tea. Each bottle comes with a 2 ml syringe, making it simple to apply the correct dosage. Sufficient for 15-20+ treatments. For professional use only. Made in Germany. 

Multi-Pulle Moisture - 1 oz.

Great for dry skin conditions and keratosis. It reliably reduces deficits in the moisture balance. The active ingredient include black cohosh, which has a phytohormonal effect and redresses the skin’s moisture balance, and urea. Each bottle comes with a 2 ml syringe, making it simple to apply the correct dosage. Sufficient for 15-20+ treatments. For professional use only. Made in Germany.