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Berodin® Soft Wax is applied thin and removed with strips. The recommended use for soft wax is arms, legs, back and chest.
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Berodin Black Gel Cream Soft Depilatory Wax 14 ounce tin A 14oz. Tin of Berodin Aquamarine Clear Soft Wax A 30ml Bottle of Berodin Post Wax Essential Oil
Berodin Black is one of the most versatile hair removal products in the industry. A strip wax hybrid of cream and gel that leaves no sticky residue. Berodin Black's innovative formula is the best of both worlds allowing for low temperature speed waxing leaving the skin smooth and hair free. Excellent for all skin types (use caution with dry thin skin).

Berodin Aquamarine Clear Soft Wax. A hypoallergenic, fragrance free clear wax for all skin types. Heated at low temperature, this microcrystalline wax is gentler than other clear waxes. Designed with speed waxing in mind, it’s applied very thin and allows you to cover large areas. Effective on fine and short hair with a single application leaving the skin smooth with no residue.

Berodin Post Wax Essential Oil 30ml/ 1oz

An essential oil blend for after wax treatments that calm, cools and heals the skin.