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Baobab products are based on natural sources with unique properties and present a revolutionary treatment and home care system.

The pulp of the Baobab fruit is rich in Citric acid, Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C = six times that in oranges!) and Tartaric acid, combined with Q10, Hyaluronic acid, Vitamin A (Retinol), Vitamin E and Chitosan.

Baobab is won from the fruit pulp of the baobab tree.  This extract reinforces intercellular exchange and prevents the formation of free radicals.  It works like a gentle exfoliating agent on the outer layer of the epidermis, the horny layer.  Here is where dead skin cells accumulate, forming a shield on the surface of the skin.  This layer becomes much thicker in older skin, especially after long exposures to environmental pollutants.  Moisturizing ingredients can no longer reach the lower skin layers.  Mature skin cells also have a shorter life span and hornify quickly; as a result, the skin appears dull, dry and wrinkled.

The outermost layer of the epidermis plays a decisive role as our natural protective shield.  An adhesive-like substance holds the dead skin cells to the surface.  Baobab dissolves these bonds.  Dead skin flakes are removed, reducing not only thickness of the horny layer, but also reducing the wrinkle depth.

But the magical effects of Baobab go even deeper!  The tiny molecules of the baobab fruit can penetrate through the epidermis and stimulate the cells of the connective tissue to produce more collagen and elastin.  This gives the skin a chance to bind the moisture it needs.

The combination with Chitosan, a fascinating substance from the shells of crustaceans and other shellfish, produces an additional valuable anti-aging effect.  Chitosan improves the moisture retention significantly by forming an invisible, protective film.

Adansonia Digitata.  The Baobab Tree
This remarkable plant, also called the Cream of Tartar Tree, is very characteristic of central and southern Africa.  Relatively stunted in growth, this tree develops a massive, unevenly formed trunk with a circumference of over 50ft.  Baobab trees can often be found near farms, in use as storage rooms and dwellings.  The soft bark is gray to grayish-yellow.  The foliage consists of large leaves divided into about 5-7 sections, all growing from a long thin stem.  Each blade tapers to a sharp point and can grow up to six inches in length.  Large hanging white flowers appear in early summer, which later develop into large, gourd-like fruits (monkey bread) with extremely hard shells.  The seeds are located in the powdery white pulp of the fruit.
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Rosa Graf Cream Pump 8oz. 1 Set of Rosa Graf Baobab Pads Rosa Graf Baobab Extract Ampoules 5 x 2ml
Rosa Graf Cream Pump

This pump is specifically designed for professional-size containers to help you keep the product clean, safe and easy-to-use.
baobab pads

Application of the pads on exactly defined specific parts of the skin such as small lines, wrinkles etc. ensures optimized penetration of the active ingredients into the skin. Baobab pads reinforce the natural regeneration process and reactivate the skin's self-protection. They revitalize the skin and render it noticeably smoother. Baobab pads are the new way towards a beautiful and flawless appearance.

baobab extract concentrate ampoules - 5 x 2ml 

This concentrate contains Baobab Extract and vitamins. The formula produces cosmetic benefit that improves skins elasticity and visibly firms the skin.
An 8.4oz. Jar of Rosa Graf Professional Baobab Cream 24 Hour Cream for Very Dry Skin Baobab Creme Light A 1.7oz. Jar of Rosa Graf Baobab Cream 24 Hour Moisturizing Cream for Very Dry Skin
baobab Cream 24hr 8.4oz.

This revolutionary skincare product enhences the protection of the skin against environmental influences. With the aim of the exclusive combined effects of baobab extract, hyaluronic acid, Q10 and vitamins A+E, the resistance of the skin against environmental influence increases and its natural balance renews. The revitalizing anti-aging complex of this 24-hour cream provides the skin with new energy and a more youthful appearance from mornings to evenings, in perfect harmony with its biological rhythms.
baobab creme light

Baobab Cream, contains vitamin A & E , helps to increase moisture to the skin, improves elasticity and encourages regeneration of cells. Improves skin tone, moisturizes dry skin, reduces signs of aging.
baobab creme

24 hour cream provides the skin with new energy and gives her a more youthful appearance from mornings to evenings in perfect harmony with its biological rhythms. The resistance of the skin of environmental influences increases.